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burma...or: The Union of Myanmar

experience it. Feel it. Words will not help. The people I met there were different. How different ? Well in a refreshing way, but again, I cannot put it into words.

above: the central place of the guardian spirits of Myanmar. This country has a great awareness of spirit. It feels like the remnant of an ancient and very advanced civilisation. The people, the feeeeeel of the place are very different from what I am used to.

When I first visited in 1999, it was the first time since 1977, I felt genuine total culture shock. Back in 77' it was Bali that freaked me out, an 18 high school graduate. I have since come to love that island.

below: 1999 in Bagan, myself, Mr U-Bajaan, and Win Win in her small restaurant. I have visited this family over many years and watched them grow up.

below: a beautiful Budda, found at the base of the Mingun stupa, near Mandalay.

left: the Mahamuni Budda, covered in gold leaf. One of the most revered images in all of Myanmar.

2003 heiko rudolph

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