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opinions + ideas

human consciousness and computer interactions - my personal experiences

an empty movie theatre - spare capacity turned to advantage - musings

the lure of desert islands - the call of adventure - too much safety ? comments on our 'bubble wrap' society..

twisted ideas ?

want them to win ? - don't want them to win ? the innate tension of life: the local VS the big picture views: using the example of software piracy in developing nations.

to add and expand on later:

  • consumer unions,
  • innate collusion of intrinsic interest groups.
  • 10% good deed tax.
  • as humans, we will have to carry the tasks for the species we have extinguished
  • burma the fairy tale that everyone can vent their ideals on ?

2003 - 2008 heiko rudolph


'dance me to the children that are asking to be born....'    Leonard Cohen