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human consciousness & computers

Introduction: This article is for those who know they are affected by computer work. This includes anyone who finds working with computers difficult in the sense of dizzyness, fuzzy vision, panic, or tightness in the stomach area, grumpiness etc… . The difficulty may simply be one of not being able to tear yourself away from computers to take a break or relax.

Personally I have sometimes been "stuck" inside my computer for 4 to 5 hours without a break, and only severe hunger forced me to get up and eat. (These days I use a break reminder program)

> Section 1.0 Basics - covers basic ergonomic considerations.
> Section 2.0 Energy interactions - gives simple methods for dealing with electromagnetic energy coming from a computer and how to prevent it doing harm.
> Section 3.0 Consciousness interactions - shows some methods for deliberately interacting with computers and your own "conscious awareness".

1.0 Basics: all the basics on correct posture, lighting, taking breaks every 20 - 30 minutes are widely published and will not be presented here.

No matter how good your posture, the key is regular breaks. I have found the need to get up for regular breaks is particularly important. An excellent open source program "workrave" lets you set how often and how long you want to be reminded to take a break. I use this program all the time.

2.0 Energy interactions: Electromagnetic radiation affecting the human operator.
Computers affect more than just the physical levels of posture and alertness. Below are some energetic techniques to deal with the energetic effects of computers.

You may benefit from these techniques if sitting in front of a computer makes your 'head swim', your vision go fuzzy, or your 3rd eye chakra 'opens up', or you have a tight feeling in the pit of your stomach, or if you find that you feel panic and tightness in the solar plexus ).
I first came across these ideas when I found that using a computer caused a spot on my forehead between the eyebrows (3rd eye) to 'open' up and vibrate. I was given the following techniques, as a way of stopping the computer energy from entering the brow chakra.

Energtic protection technique
(grateful ackknowledgement to Chiron Healing®)

Mentally visualize or imagine the following:

1. mentally cover the whole computer with white light (a cloud of white light). You can imagine a spot light shining down, or use any other methods that feel right to you.
2. Place the computer in a silver bubble (like a silver eggshell)
3. Put a force field between the computer and yourself. Sense a wall of impenetrability.
4. Place yourself in a silver bubble and fill it with the colour aqua. Aqua aids the eyes and keeps them strong for computer work
> Repeat the above steps as you feel necessary, or whenever you sense the energetic structure weakening.

Note: Electromagnetic radiation consisting of electric and magnetic fields can be measured with current scientific instruments. However every thing that exists in the physical levels also has a corresponding higher level equivalent which is the subtle enegy "blue-print" level. Common electromagnetic radiation thus has a corresponding subtle energy "blue-print" component that reaches up into different higher levels which are currently not detectable ('officially'), but still interact with human energy fields. This interactions can actually be felt directly by some people, or it may manifest in other less direct ways. The techniques described above deal mainly with these subtle levels.

The energy given off by computers and electrical equipment generally is very similar on the subtle level to the energy of anger. Like anger it can and does harm those who are unwary. Anger like electrical energy, is spiky and piercing and damages the fine lines of the etheric pattern. It's a bit like standing too close to a very angry person who is directing her anger at a third party. Easy to get drawn in.

The use of electricity is fairly new and recent in human history. As a race of humans we are still getting used to this new energy.

2.1 Energy interactions: Heiko's practical ways of reducing your exposure to physical electromagnetic radiation.

I use Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) screens wherever possible. Either a laptop computer or a desktop with an LCD monitor.
Most systems these days use LCD screens so this is no longer such a problem.
Why an LCD screen ? A common cathode ray tube monitor uses high voltage (greater than 1000 Volt) to shoot an electron beam at a phosphorescent screen. It emits very low X ray radiation. It also uses a rotating scanning magnetic field to direct the electron beam. The monitor is at the height of the user's head and in front of the 3rd eye chakra and the throat chakra. This kind of monitor is electrically very 'noisy'. Although the 'official line' is that this (like mobile phones) does not affect humans, low emission (EMI) monitors have come onto the market anyway. LCD monitors use low voltages and are even less 'noisy' electrically.

If using a laptop its best to get an external keyboard and external mouse to increase the distance from the machine and for ergonomic reasons.

3.0 Consciousness interactions: " ...Mirror mirror on the wall ... " Computers as mirrors: subtle energies from the human operator

The following are my personal experiences:
I put them here in case some of them will be useful.

Computers can act as a kind of mirror that reflect back at me the type of emotions and feelingsI am actually giving off. These feelings are the energies that I really give off, not the energies that I tell myself I am giving off -or that I would like to think I am giving off.
A typical example would be: I am upset and angry for some reason - or at life generally. When I sit down in front of my computer within 5 minutes I am tuned into my anger and am being bombarded by my own energies !

At other times I may be worried about something and I don't want to deal with it, (or I think I cannot deal with it, it's "too much"). Then the ' worry' feelings are what I get back. The computer as a mirror reflects back to me the feelings that are really in me, not what I like to think I am feeling. I guess it also reflects back at me my efforts to cover up.

3.1 Consciousness interactions: "Wormholes in awareness" - Doorways .......

In the early days of my programming work, I would spend hours at a time glued in front of my computer. I found it hard to tear myself from the keyboard and when I did finally manage, it would take me a few hours to 'come back together' again and be fully into the present reality.

Over time I was particularly intrigued by one clue: If during these times of intense concentration, I was interrupted by someone from outside I would feel very irritable, angry and be very grumpy with the intruder.
As I watched myself and with the help of others the following idea began to take shape: during the times when my mind was almost totally ' into ' the computer, I was accessing different times and levels of awareness. Therefore when I was interrupted it took a lot of energy and effort to shift back to the present reality. In my own case I would tune into dense energies (eg: traumas, fear, anger).

3.2 Deep sea diving: exploring deeper feelings.
For me writing things down helps to get a clearer 'feeling-understanding' of what I really ' feel-think ' about an issue.
> Writing allows me to get my immediate feelings out and then take a step back look at them again and ask myself if that is what I really ' feel-think ' ?
> Writing also has the effect of slowing down the thoughts and feelings as they emerge into conscious awareness. It gives me a chance to look at something that would simply speed past too quickly for my conscious mind to grasp it and be fully aware of it. The writing then acts a slow motion camera, lets me savor the feelings.

It is very important to ensure that the writing in this case is not directed by the mind but by the feelings. It should not be only logic which directs the writing but also the feelings, ie. a force greater than but including logic. This kind of writing bypasses the internal censor and puts down what is inside me at a deeper level.

Using a computer to do exploratory writing uses the mirror property of computers. If the writing is directed by the feelings those feelings will be reflected back to the writer, and in turn fuel the process of feeling more intensely whatever is being thought and felt as the writing takes place (Feed-back loop). Eventually a very intense energy can be built up in the writing. In states of intense feeling the ideas and the feelings take on a life of their own and it may be quite hard to keep up with all of them at once. This state feels to me as having reached ' escape velocity '. If the ideas come too fast, I have to make short notes of them and come back to them later. The intensity can be physically very demanding and makes it difficult to sustain this writing for too long. A physically fit body certainly helps in doing this kind of writing - sounds surprising ?
A note of caution: the energies that can be built up exploring one's deeper feelings in front of a computer can become quite powerful. The direction in which these energies are pushed becomes very important. If the direction is positive, then the results can be very uplifting. On rare occasions I have been able to reach 'escape' velocity with these techniques and experienced very powerful insights, clear understandings and able to accept the difficult parts of myself. It was akin to standing on a high building compared with normal awareness on the footpath. This is not something I consciously sought but spontaneously arose from the intense writing process described above. Reading the writings of that time does brings back a memory of that state but not the state itself.

Warning: any computer work should use the energetic protection technique given above, but for self exploratory writing this technique is especially important. Drugs and alcohol should never be used for this kind of work because they distort the information and do not allow true access to the writers genuine inner core.

3.4 "Dry bones" -
Writing and the energies of feeling
Having written something with the full energy of feeling and deep understanding and later re-reading it, I often find that the feelings have 'evaporated' and I am left with only the 'dry bones' of the writings. Reading it again later leaves me with only the dead residue, because the feelings have gone and only the logic and rationality is left. Having experienced this frequently, I find that the real value of this kind of writing is not in the recording of the logic or the information, but in using the writing itself as a method of accessing my own feelings at that moment.
In that way this kind of writing is different in emphasis from the writing one does to complete a report, or to write a technical article.

3.3 Mirrors: further ideas

The idea of computers as mirrors is not really unique to computers. Any activity into which a lot of energy is being focussed can act as a mirror in that it reflects back some of that energy. Good examples are: work, hobbies and study, all of which are reflectors, a commonly known aspect is 'lovemaking' with a partner which mirrors aspects of the relationship. Of course ultimately life itself acts as a of mirror. -
Reality is what you believe it to be...
I find computers really good mirrors because they don't involve other people and keep things relatively simple by reflecting back mainly my own energy. Computers allow me to 'play' in a more controlled kind of "laboratory environment". As soon as another person is involved the interaction creates a new third energy which is the product of the two and makes things more complex.

Some schools teach that all thoughts and desires project a force and create what is called 'psychonoetic substances' or thought forms. These thought forms are invisible but have genuine power. They are in reality creations of the human mind. However often the human mind that created them does not realize this (or forgets) and may then be frightened by its own creation. Fearing it in turn will lend more power to the thought form thus locking the creator into a tight embrace with his own creation in a downward spiral. It requires great ingenuity and patience to extract oneself from this kind of embrace. (See Carlos Castaneda, and most esoterice mystery schools - who all espouse similar teachings)

Going further afield: Some of the power of the these created forces can be felt in addictions, habits, and fears. Just try to break some of these habits and the force of them that has built up over time and it will quickly become apparent how real and powerful they can be ! It could be said that much of life is a struggle with one's own creations, of this lifetime and even previous incarnations.

I speculate that transcending this plane of existence involves being able to look beyond the self-created thought forces and reach beyond them to another reality. I picture myself as usually living in a fog of energies/emotions many of which are self-created. I am more or less successfully trying to separate the self-created forms from those that are truly 'other'. I see my task as taking control of my creating energies to direct them in positive ways. What is then reflected back to me will also be positive. At times I have actually become enmeshed in my own energies, or expressed differently: I had became caught in my own thought forms, caught in my own 'dragon'.

Anyone who would like to share their own experiences of interacting with computers in this kind of way, please feel free to drop me a line on: the about page.

some links:

Computer Pain : I don't naturally take breaks when I work on a computer. SoI have set a small program to kick me off my PC every now and then. If you are working too long in front of a computer without a break, - pain in hands and body - and IFF this concerns you: a small program which might be useful is: workrave. YOU control how often and how long you take breaks -it's free and honest..

Research on human-machine interactions. This web site is a good jumping off point for a more scientific study of the interaction of human awareness and electrical equipment. The researchers have shown statistically significant evidence of human will and intent influencing machines such as computers and random number generators.

Qi Gong & energy work - first taught me to feel &move energy in my body for healing and meditation.

Barbara Brennan healing with the hands and intuition - using the mind, spirit and intuition to heal and explore healing.

Society for Scientific Exploration - devoted to scientifically explore things conservative science does not want to touch: intelligent life elsewhere, mind machine, reincarnation, the 6th sense etc.... After all, most everything accepted as "normal" today was once considered "weird, rubbish or just plain nuts".

Appendix 1: I assume that all living beings give off what are called 'subtle energies' or ' prana ' or ' Chi '. At this stage I am not aware of any mechanical devices that measure subtle energies. The very best way to detect them is to feel them in one's human body and awareness. The denser of these energies can be felt in say Tai Chi or Qi Gong. The lighter energies can be felt with visualization, intuition, and is used in work such as Chiron Healing®. Barbara Brennan's books: "Hands of Light" and "Light Emerging" give a good introduction. It is possible to learn to feel these energies from any of these disciplines - or see link to courses here.

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