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Our bodies are surrounded by layers of subtle energy fields, which keep the physical body working properly.

Illness and diseases first shows up in the subtle energy layers. The subtle energies repond to intent, feeling and concentration.

With practice most people can learn to interact with the energies and repair those layers themselves...

The core of all living things is feeling. With intuition and feeling much can be set right again.

If you want to try a simple techinique and see if it makes a difference to you here.

Using the same energy of which the body is made to repair the body: Chiron Healing® here.

my early days in energy work

My interest in energy healing really started when I could actually feel energy and use it to restore my own health.

I first learnt to feel energy and be aware of it in 1988 when I began consciously experimenting with subtle energy using simple execises. One such practice was putting my hands on my solar plexus, breathing slowly. I felt warmth coming from my hands that was not purely physical, it gave me a deep sense of relaxation and well being1).

At the same time I also discovered Chinese Medicine and Qi Gong as taught by Mantak Chia of the Healing Tao system. This form of Qi Gong teaches methods of dealing with emotional, sexual and mental energy and how to link these to the greater Earth, heavenly and cosmic energies. I particularly enjoyed the exercises to transform so called "negative"emotions into positive ones. Coming from electronic engineering, it was my ambition at the time to find a way to measure these energies using electronic equipment (my search in this area still continues, to date, however the best detector I know of is human awareness).

In 1993 I saw a Chiropractic Doctor Trevor Creed who worked mainly in the energy realms. Trevor waved his arms around my body and made various energetic adjustments which gave me great relief. I could also actually feel the the same movement of energy as in Qi Gong and in my own energy work. I was "hooked" after that. This particular system of energy healing has now evolved into a whole system called "Chiron Healing®". My interest in this work continued from then on and has grown over the years to the stage were I now want to practice this form of healing and share the knowledge with other people.

human consciousness and computer interactions - some personal experiences

International Association of Chiron Healers Inc. www.iachi.com

1) The idea to do this came after reading of copper chi-plates and constructing one. This simple method helped me feel energy in my hands. Later I found the copper circuits were not needed anymore. (Biocircuits - by: Leslie Patten)

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