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drawings & photos

NB: these pages will take a while to load, because I wanted to get better quality, which means larger picture files.

by the sea: Melbourne 1998 - 99

Laos 1999 - 2002

Bali september 2002

Australia 2003

I am sometimes asked: how did you start to draw ?

first steps : In 1998 I found myself doing a lot of 'doodling'. I wanted to draw something but because I had no real training or background, I was hesitant. I did not think of myself as having talent or of being “an artist”.

I remember thinking: "So what ?! who cares ?! - just do what you want ! No one has to look at it, its just because you want to do it ! " and from that thought the principles that have given me the freedom to put pen to paper ever since:

  1. There is no such thing as a "wrong" brushstroke, no such thing as a "wrong" line.
  2. It does not matter in the least what anyone else thinks.
  3. Run with and follow the thread of Feeling, don't worry about 'rules'. What would I want to see/read now... what is interesting, where is the joy and adventure... ?

These 2 principles capture a mood, a feeling not just an intellectual understanding. What had held me back were the feelings of inadequacy, the fear of making a "mistake" or a "wrong" brushstroke and of course the universal fear of what others would think. They might think it was ugly, rubbish or whatever. So what ?! I will draw no matter what, even if no-one ever sees it.

the method: Once I had entered the feeling-mood given by these 2 principles, I simply started to draw. There was no overall plan, I did not try to 'copy something', by that I mean I did not try to get as close as possible to some 'ideal' picture I had in mind. Instead I proceeded line by line. The only important criterion for each new line was: did it feel right ? The picture of what was on paper already would influence the feeling for the next line and so on..the method of 'doodling' is perhaps the best way to drescribe it.

sometimes I wonder if this is how life is supposed to be lived, at least for me... looking back it would sometimes seem so: step by step... line by line... there are no 'wrong' moves...

some of the drawings took less than an hour, others took a year or more before they were finished. Some were completed in one sitting, others were completed in many small stages, a few minutes here and there waiting for someone, unwinding after work or mulling over something.

© 2003 heiko rudolph


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