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Chi is something you have to FEEL. If you don't FEEL it for yourself it's just another crazy philosphy, just another head trip.

Chi energy can be moved by breath, visualization and thought, it has a life and a purpose of its own. Working with ‘Chi' requires concentration, breath and movement.

Chi Khung' is the art of moving and controlling the subtle energies of your body using breath and gentle movement. It ranges from the martial arts to Tai Chi and reaches the pure meditative practices in which there is no movement at all.

Chi is the life force in all living creatures, it contains an aspect of 'consciousness'. Much as water does, it needs to flow and naturally seeks an equilibrium.

Chi Khung sessions are intended for beginners and aim to help you actually FEEL subtle ‘Chi' energy in your own body.

'Chi' (Qi) is the word used by the ancient Chinese for life energy (or subtle energy).

Copper plates ("chi-plates") - to restore natural energy balance here.

coming soon: " moving energy in the microscopic orbit (from standard Chi Kung practices)
" Pulling out fibres from FC till 'gas and burping 'occurs (really only an adaptation of Chiron 1)
" Hara line (from Barabara Brennan)
" Sunning the eyes - looking at the sky (LNT)
" Eyes: awareness of the power of eyes, how they shoot out rays, fly the eyes of the eagle to close the mouth and give you presence and power in the world of men.
" Abdominal massage
" Chi-plate & Biocircuit configuration of hands on body
" Breath in wisdom and bring to the NOW- the present time
" To lose weight: don't eat after 6 or 7pm
" And: Go to bed a bit hungry,
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