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November 4, 2003 Tuesday:

Hi there Mona,

Thai islands ? I guess you will love them for all the reasons the Sykes didn't: there was no real Thailand there, its all for tourists, bars, restaurants, "bopping around" kinda stuff. All fluff and pretty boring, eat drink lie on the beach, kind of place, but noisy and full of farangs (foreigners)
with the Thai people as the mercenary service providers...
after 2 days my skin itched I was bored with drunk tourists ... having their first 'exotic' wow "this-is-sooooo-cooooool" experience. I moved on...

So, I'm sorry butislands overrun with badly behaving farangs is not my scene...

Hua Hin, sure, its still ok. As you can see, I'm not in a good mood about this "exotic island" thing :-P
anyway have fun, you'll love it...

'The Sykes'

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