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carry your own bowl, bring your own spoon

it's just one meal, just one cup

I go to eat sushi and I get wooden chopsticks. I go to a coffee shop and I get a take away cup made of plastic, or paper.

Just because I want to eat a meal, drink a coffee, a plastic cup is produced, just for that one single use. Oil that took millions of years to produce, from trees that lived millions of years ago, is used to produce that one cup, that I use for 10minutes. Then it sits in a landfill for years, and pollutes the soil. All this just becaus I want a drink ? The company to make some money ?

That does not seem a good idea to me. When I leave this planet it should be in a better state because I was here, I want to tread lightly, leave behind something positive, use and destroy only what is truly required for life and love.

Is it time to carry my own bowl, to bring my own plates, cups and spoon ? 

I can hear already the cries that it is not hygienic, that there are problems. Yes there will be some problems, and there will be some illness. There is an industry that will lose money producing one-use cups, plates spoons and knives and forks.

is that reason enough to keep on polluting the environment ? is it enough to keep on generating huge amounts of rubbish ?

the best answer is by doing something about it on an individual level. Perhaps by just carrying your own cup, plate, spoon, refuse to use throw-away cups and plates and knives and forks.

we can argue about it for a long time, but the simple answer for me is: just carry my own reusable implements. Just do it and start a trend.

start the trend. one by one.. by one .... by one...

Burma/Myanmar, is a so called 'poor' country, (but rich in things we have long lost) it's supposed to be 'dirty'. But I found that most restaurants have handwash basins. People all wash their hands. It works, very well. There is little throw-away waste from eating just one meal. - Feb 6th, 2004.
The problem was created
one by one
The solution has to come one by one.
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