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Volunteering, internships, study exchange - some links.

  • Volunteering (at any age, any job)
  • Internships (new graduates)
  • Study exchange (students)
  • Volunteering can be done through an organization or you can try to arrange your own volunteer work.

    If you are new to this kind of work, it might be easiest  to go via  a volunteer scheme set up for this purpose.

    Alternatively you can make your own arrangements, especially if you have contacts overseas.

    Below are some links to various organisations.

    Large Organizations

    Engineers Without Borders: (EWB) World wide: http://www.ewb-international.org/ Australia: http://www.ewb.org.au 

    For anyone: Australian Government Aid Agency: AusAID's AYA volunteer scheme

    Info: Australian Government::
    Development Gateway - lots of info www.developmentgateway.com.au/jahia/Jahia/lang/en/pid/8


    The Overseas Service Bureau http://www.australianvolunteers.com/

    The Grandmother of information: Development Aid Projects, Full-time jobs / Volunteering / Aid information is on: http://www.dev-zone.org/
    This is the industrial strength information source of what is going on, who is doing what, and which issues are being debated. Courtesy of the Kiwis, thank you for a great site.

    Doing it yourself:

    - IT people: Search Google with the term: "ICT for development"

    - Search the United Nations Website they have an good volunteer program called 'UNV'

    - Search the 'World Bank',  the 'Asian Development Bank', or search the smaller NGO's such as ADRA, etc..

    Small Semi-Private Aid Organizations:

    Digital Divide Data (DDD) in Laos and Cambodia: ICT, IT, Computer and Network Engineering http://www.digitaldividedata.com/

    The East West Foundation (next to RMIT University). http://www.tewfi.org/ Major projects since have been the creation of the Uluru Health Care Centre (UHCC) and the Uluru Children's Home (UCH) both located in Kadapakkam, a small fishing village south of Mahabalipuram, in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu. We have also established community development programs concentrating on health, the environment and education in this region.

    Blowing my own trumpet- 2008 April
    Stories on my work for DDD a small IT company in Laos, (I worked there in January 2008)
    Story on the RMiT University website:
    here (or pdf)

    Same story in Melbourne's local subburban newspaper here (or pdf)

    last minute news on: heiko.rudolph.googlepages.com/home

    Heiko's University page for students: www.set.rmit.edu.au/~e55643/Overseas.htm

    Disclaimer: Commonsense applies. All information at your own risk.

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